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Wii Yoga Smackdown

September 18, 2009


In weird but true yoga news, former fitness model and WWE wrestling “Diva of the Decade” Trish Stratus has announced that she will star in Canadian video game producer Frima Studio’s upcoming yoga title for Wii, Stratusphere Yoga.

If you’ve been looking for the right celebrity virtual yoga instructor to get you excited about downward dogs and aerial splits, this could be your lucky day. Especially if you like your spiritual workout guided by someone who’s as comfortable in child’s pose as they are delivering a bone cruncher and isn’t afraid of a little hardway juice.

According to the announcement, Stratus will be coaching players through a yoga routine using the Wii balance board and “other peripheral devices.” All of this in a “Zen 3-D background.” 

Not sure if this is entirely what yoga’s all about, but Frima’s CEO Steve Couture says: 

We wanted to present yoga as a real workout and not only as a method of relaxing. Combining Trish Stratus as a personal coach coupled with her yoga experience, players will have to work through challenging routines to get results! Isn’t that what working out is all about?”

Look for Stratusphere Yoga in spring 2010. Meanwhile, you can practice Trish’s modified Chaturanga at home:













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